The Sophie Movie (Breinersdorfer/Rothemund)

Now that you've read the basic review of Sophie Scholl: The Last Days (Breinersdorfer-Rothemund), here's in-depth information - essentially a scene-by-scene deconstruction of the movie.

We've also included an essay about censorship of the transcripts in this movie, and a "see for yourself" section with one specific "aha!" moment (according to Breinersdorfer-Rothemund) that is either totally fictionalized or a pretty bad mistake.

Click on the links below to read on.

Scenes 1 - 30

Scenes 31 - 60

Scenes 61 to the end

Censorship of the transcripts

See for yourself! Check out a specific "fact" that Breinersdorfer and Rothemund have wrongly claimed to have unearthed - evidence of shoddy research.

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