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As Fred Breinersdorfer and Marc Rothemund have traveled the globe, touting the supposed historical accuracy of their movie, they've occasionally derided those of us who take White Rose research seriously by saying, "We don't know how people have missed the fact that...". This sentence is usually followed by a factoid they've grossly fictionalized for dramatic impact. But of course, they don't ever say that.
    We know it's hard to check out all the facts. Even if you read our scene-by-scene deconstruction of their movie, you might wonder whether I (and other researchers) are crazy, whether perhaps Breinersdorfer and Rothemund aren't the ones who are right.
    One specific factoid you can check out that will NOT require a special trip to the Bundesarchiv (National Archives) in Berlin or purchase of thousands of pages of primary source materials: The "bombing" of Munich on February 20, 1943 (Scene 52 in this section). The two moviemakers used the above sentence to say they couldn't understand why nobody had ever picked up on the fact that Sophie Scholl lived through a bombing nightmare while she was in prison - and their footnote, while not citing a source, says, "It is a historical fact, that Munich was attacked by Allied bombers on 2/20/1943."
    Call your local county library or better yet, head over to the nearest university library. The RAF and United States Air Force bombing records are public. I think you'll find that Munich was bombed in December 1942, March 1943, and several other times, but on February 20? That one took place in 1944. Nearly on the one-year anniversary of Sophie Scholl's death.
    If you find evidence to support Breinersdorfer and Rothemund's claim, please feel free to let us know. I'll be the most surprised person on the planet!

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