Mission Statement

The Center for White Rose Studies is dedicated to preserving the memories of those who courageously opposed the crimes of National Socialism, using their lives and work as a springboard to address the issues of informed dissent in a civilized society.

We strive to accomplish this mission through multi-faceted programs:

  • Digging for "lost" or hard-to-find archival information on lesser-known German, Jewish, Polish, French, Russian, Dutch, Albanian, and other freedom fighters during the Shoah, and translating documents into English for American researchers.
  • Assembling historians and other experts to annual conferences, centering on the topic of resistance movements in the Third Reich and practical applications of their actions in 21st century global politics.
  • Distributing research materials by recognized scholars and young historians in the area of research into primary source documents.
  • Establishing a research facility and library that will act as living museum to the words and ideas of those who died or were arrested for the courage of their convictions.
  • Providing assistance to public school teachers who wish to use the White Rose resistance movement as a pedagogic tool in German, Hebrew, social studies, civics, world history, and interdisciplinary courses.
  • Encouraging dialog between the Jewish and German communities, building on the good foundation of works as diverse as Aktion Sühnezeichen, Stiftung ZURÜCKGEBEN, and DIG (the German-Israeli chamber of commerce).