Frequently Asked Questions

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What did the White Rose leaflets actually say? Are they relevant in 21st century America? Absolutely! See for yourself.

How did Ruth Sachs go about collecting her data for her White Rose histories? Can she substantiate the things she wrote? Yes! Her purpose, preparation, and methodology are detailed here.

But what about the Gestapo interrogation transcripts? How can you trust anything in them? Are they really reliable? Frequently, the people who belittle the Gestapo interrogation transcripts are the same people who are embarrassed by what's in them. Does that mean that every word in them is gospel truth? Of course ... (continued)

Does your archive include only primary source materials related to the White Rose resistance movement? Well, that was how our collection started. But our goal is to collect - and provide in English translation - primary source documents for all who resisted Hitler and the tenets of National Socialism. Click here to learn more.

I've done some research myself about the White Rose or German resistance. Is that something the Center for White Rose Studies or Exclamation! Publishers would be interested in? You bet! And we welcome scholarship no matter whether you are a professor, TA, college or high school student, independent scholar, or freelance writer. What matters? Your sources and the willingness to get it right.

So do your publications include only information about resistance movements during the Holocaust? What about Holocaust survivors? Or thinking out loud about general resistance matters? Thanks for asking! Our anthologies provide a larger platform for these sorts of topics. Yes, we accept (and encourage submission of) essays about Holocaust survivors, and the "philosophy" of informed dissent.

What kinds of projects are you working on for the future? Things that will help you. Anything you don't see on this list that would help? Please let us know.

I don't write, but I am an artist (or painter, or sculptor...). Is there anything for me? Not right this minute, but hopefully soon. Our art, writing, and photography projects will get underway in the next year or two. Subscribe - see bottom of page - to stay in the loop!

Can I help? Please do! Your contributions to our Center for White Rose Studies will enable us to keep functioning. You can donate online, or by contributing time, money, or materials to our ongoing projects.