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Effective January 1, 2022, we are moving our newsletters to a Substack magazine entitled Why This Matters. This enables you, our readers, to comment and discuss immediately. Additionally, Substack does the heavy lifting and automatically emails new posts to our subscribers.

We also post links to all articles on this Web site here. The hyperlinks will take you to the Substack post.

There are three options with the Substack newsletter:

  • Free newsletter - you will receive most, but not all, posts and can comment on everything you read.
  • Paid subscribers, $5/month or $50/year - periodically, we will upload posts behind a paywall that are geared specifically to researchers and scholars interested in White Rose or other German resistance. These posts are designed to open dialog on tough issues, or to pose questions regarding more esoteric aspects of the topic. We also intend to hold monthly Q&As, and eventually to create podcasts, both of which will be available to paid subscribers only. Finally, paid subscribers receive a discount to all digital publications in the Exclamation! Publishers store.
  • Foundational member - $200/year. Same as paid subscribers, plus additional discounts for all publications. 

To read free archives or to subscribe, you can follow this link to the Substack newsletter.

Note that the In Memoriam posts will be available - always free of charge - both here and on Why This Matters.