In Memoriam: Erich Schmorell

Dr. Erich Schmorell: August 8, 1921 - July 15, 2005

On July 15, 2005 - two days after the sixty-second anniversary of his brother Schurik's execution - Dr. Erich Schmorell of Munich-Pasing passed away. His memory is truly for a blessing.
    Along with the Probst family, Dr. Schmorell stood up to The Powers That Be who have misused and abused White Rose resistance for personal gain. It cost him and his beloved wife Hertha dearly. The last few years, he wrote that he simply no longer had the energy to keep fighting.
    We've been grateful for the many people who have told us how our White Rose work has touched them. But no approbation came close to making me smile as much as "the" letter from Dr. Schmorell. It took him almost a full year to read our White Rose History, Volume I, dictionary at hand. But he did. And liked it. That letter? Among my most valuable possessions.
    Anyone who would like to send a sympathy card to his widow, or merely drop her a line to let her know you are thinking about her, please contact us and we will forward it to her. She is special in her own right. Her father was the C.O. of the Second Student Company - yes!, the Commanding Officer to Alex and Willi, Hans and Hubert. [Update: Please contact us and we will forward your letters to his family.]
    We've lost a great man. But he will never be forgotten.
    - Ruth Hanna Sachs