Center for
              White Rose

2013 Conference

The 2013 White Rose conference is now behind us. It was here and gone before we knew what happened.

To read a full report of what we did and learned, and how we played and learned, and ate and learned, probably even learned while sleeping!, read the conference diary. To see eighty photographs (thank you Igor Khramov and Oleg Vasilyev of Orenburg Charity Foundation "Eurasia" for the great pics!), click here.

We've already started planning the 2014 conference! Check it out occasionally. We will also post substantial updates to our CWRS Roundtable as there's news to share!

Special thank-you's to the following people who made this possible:
Financially - Dr. Clare Colquitt, Dr. David Dowdey, John and Gwen Miertschin, Paul and Daphne Laudadio, Ernest and Julia Martin, Dr. Armin Mruck, Lester and Cheri Neal, Jo Schmidt, Pete Schwager, and Terese Winson.

With services rendered from heart and soul - Karen Jungblut, Crispin Brooks, and Dan Leshem of the Shoah Foundation; Lisa Racine and her summer conference team, CSU Channel Islands; Terese Winson, Rincon Insurance; Daniel B. Markind and Lauren Schwimmer, Weir & Partners; Dr. Harold Marcuse, UC Santa Barbara; Mark Pierce, Mike de Martino, Tracy Lehr, and John Parker for film services; Wendy Leung, Ventura County Star; Tim Pompey, Tri-County Sentry; Gina Jaeger, CEO of Girl Scouts/Central California; Bruce Somers, Christian Dorris, and Carrie Kuhlman, Strategic Information Resources, Inc.
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